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Readers Respond: What Items Do You Take to the Race Track?

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When you head off to the race track there are some things that are essential (tickets, sunscreen) and some things that are just nice to have (scanner).

In the grandstand space is usually limited so you can't bring a lot of extra junk but many race fans have their own list of "must have" items.

What is on your list of race day essentials?

Common Sense

Lots of water, sunscreen, lunch and a bunch of snacks. Also keep in the cooler wet wash clothes to cool off with. So refreshing.
—Guest Jan

little kids

for little kids, you might wanna bring like a nintendo, game boy, PS3. Something to keep their minds busy. Let girls bring there own little backpack, and bring some toys, crayons, sunscreen, sunglasses, and some munchies. For little boys do the same, you probaly wanna bring some gatorade, water, toys, and electornics. What ever you do, dont bring anything that is important to you. With little kids, they are bound to brake some things if not treated right.
—Guest Nicole

I know what u need to bring to a race!

The most important thing u need to bring is sunscreen. Pack lots of munchies and plenty of drinks. Check tracks to see cooler spects. Sun glasses is another must. Proper attire of ur favorite driver is another requirement. Gotta represent!! Have fun n be safe.

Race trip items

Beer, Beer, scanner, money and clean underwear if there's room.
—Guest Go 29 go!

I take Crown Royal

I take four scanners. One re3000 and a spare, I leave in vehicle. The others monitor the local/pd track comms. And are used at VHF local tracks. Binocs, racetrack directory. Racing antennas, xtra bats, sharpies,pens,paper,poncho, headset and amp, Sherpa, Tickets. Stuff for drivers to sign.
—Guest Kenseth fan drink crown royal


Sunglasses, camera and money. Add that to pure abandonment of the outside world.
—Guest Geri Wolf

Essentials to Race Day

Scanner, Beer, beer, beer, beer, just enough ice to keep beer cold, one large water bottle, beer, binoculars and then a little more beer.
—Guest TLabonte Fan

Race Day Items

Lots of cash...unless you want to go hungry and thirsty!
—Guest Don

Water is Fundamental

The fancy technology is great to have, but don't forget the basics! A nice big bottle of water to keep you cool and fresh is essential to surving a day at the track! Not to mention much cheaper and more quenching than beer on a hot summer day!
—Guest Jerry Clever

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