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Top 2 Sprint Cup Road Courses


The NASCAR Sprint Cup stars are known mostly for their uncanny ability to turn left. However twice each year NASCAR tests the drivers' road racing skills at two of the finest road courses in America. Here are the NASCAR Sprint Cup road course race tracks.

1. Watkins Glen International

This historic race track in New York State first hosted NASCAR's top racing series in 1957 when Buck Baker took the checkered flag on the winding, hilly road course.

Watkins Glen only saw three NASCAR races until 1986 when Tim Richmond won the first race of NASCAR's proud return to The Glen. NASCAR's top series has raced there once per year ever since.

2. Sonoma

Known as Sears Point Raceway until 2002 and then called Infineon Raceway until 2012 this winding race track in Sonoma California really puts drivers to the test. NASCAR first came to Sonoma in 1989 as Ricky Rudd took the checkered flag that day. Since then the track has hosted one NASCAR Sprint Cup race each year.

The track has undergone a number of configuration changes to shorten the course and provide more passing opportunities. Originally checking in at 2.52 miles the current version of the track now measures 1.99 miles.

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