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Top 4 Hendrick Motorsports Sprint Cup Drivers


Hendrick Motorsports has been the most dominant team in NASCAR Sprint Cup racing in recent years. Landing a Hendrick Motorsports ride means that you have arrived in NASCAR as the best of the best. Here is the 2010 Hendrick Motorsports lineup.

1. Jimmie Johnson

Sprint Allstar Race-Practice
Jerry Markland/Stringer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
Jimmie Johnson finally broke through and claimed his first NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship in 2006. He then backed that up with three more Championships in 2007, 2008 and 2009. In fact, Jimmie has outperformed his teammate, mentor and car owner Jeff Gordon in each of the last seven seasons. Jeff Gordon has more experience but Jimmie Johnson has had the hotter hand lately.

2. Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon is the senior member of Hendrick Motorsports. Jeff has four Championships and has the longest tenure with Rick Hendrick of the full-time Hendrick drivers. Jeff has a lot of experience and he's willing to share it with his teammates. Jeff is also part owner of the #48 driven by Jimmie Johnson.

3. Mark Martin

Mark Martin retired from full-time race after the 2006 season but he returned in 2009 with Hendrick Motorsports ready to tackle The Chase and try for that elusive title. Martin came up just short finishing second behind his teammate Jimmie Johnson.

Mark is one of only four drivers to ever win a NASCAR Sprint Cup race after age 50. He will likely be in the hunt once again when it comes Chase time this fall. Can he add oldest Champion to his resume and break his bridesmaid streak? He has the tools, he will just need a little bit of luck.

4. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been named NASCAR's most popular driver for the last five years in a row. In 2008 Junior left Dale Earnhardt Inc. to join Hendrick Motorsports. Unable to get the rights to the #8 the team was able to make a deal with Robert Yates Racing to allow Dale Earnhardt Jr. to drive the #88 instead.

Junior has been largely unimpressive since he moved to Hendrick. He still routinely wins NASCAR's Most Popular Driver award but his future as a driver is somewhat cloudy.

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