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Logitech Momo Force

Meant to be the best, and it lives up to its billing

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Logitech Momo Force

Logitech Momo Force-Feedback steering wheel.

Logitech set out to produce the best force feedback wheel ever, and they succeeded. Compared to the mostly-plastic wheels that preceded it, the Logitech Momo Force's hand stitched leather wheel and metal components just scream quality. It's a little more expensive, but well worth it.

The Looks

The Momo is a clear winner here. The black leather wheel and aluminum diamond-plate pedal base with Ferrari-red trim really make this a sharp looking rig.


Logitech offers two clamping options. The first choice consists of two twist-tight rocker arms, one on each side. These arms hold the wheel plenty solidly.

The second option is to drill a hole in your desk and actually bolt the wheel to the desk. This seems a bit extreme to me, but if you had a permanent racing setup this is a great bonus feature.

This USB wheel, like all of the other USB wheels, is incredibly easy to install and configure. Plug-and-play works like a charm and the Wingman Profiler software makes it easy to custom program the six buttons on the front.

The Feel

The leather wheel is very comfortable to hold. After driving the Thrustmaster Pro Force's textured rubber wheel the leather felt very slippery to me at first. In the race this did not prove to be a problem at all. Rubber or leather is really more a matter of personal preference.

The pedals feature real "floating" pedal pads that make these the most comfortable pedals I've ever driven. The pedal travel is longer than average which allows nice throttle control. I do wish that the brake spring was a little stronger to better simulate a real brake pedal but overall these pedals drive beautifully.

The metal butterfly shifters behind the steering wheel are well placed and feature a tight throw and a satisfying click to let you know that you've successfully shifted. Very nice.

Like Thrustmaster, Logitech uses the Immersion TouchSense Technology force effects which is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for force feedback effects.

One of the best features of this force feedback wheel is that there is no "notchy-ness" in the steering wheel. In other force feedback wheels you could feel the gears in the wheel which would prevent you from making smooth adjustments. This wheel solves that problem, it's very smooth.


When it was released in 2004 this was the best force feedback wheel available. It has since been replaced by Logitech's own G25 Racing Wheel.
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