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Logitech Wingman Formula GP Review

Non Force-Feedback sibling to a great wheel

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Note: This older wheel is no longer widely available.

In this class the Logitech Formula GP shines above the others. The pedals are far and away the most comfortable and stay in place the best. The wheel's top-twist mounting knobs and sleek profile make this wheel a winner top and bottom.

The Looks

The bright yellow textured rubber steering wheel jumps right out at you while the plastic drilled pedals complete the look. This wheel looks great with a fit and finish that just feels better than the others in this class.


Installation was no problem. Plug in the device and run the included software

The wheel calibrated dead on and I was ready to go.

The clamping mechanism is my new favorite and consists of two small arms on each side with top knobs that tighten the clamps. This small feature makes adding and removing the wheel much easier.

The Feel

The textured rubber grips are only at the 3 and 9 o'clock positons on the wheel so my standard one-handed grip on top of the wheel left me clutching plastic (and smooth plastic at that). But a slight adjustment to my driving style got part of my hand on the rubber and was very comfortable.

The real standout here is the pedal set. Extremely comfortable, these pedals stay in place the best of any wheels in this class.

Other Features

The four wheel-mounted buttons and two paddle shifters are a bit odd in that the two paddle buttons are exactly the same as the bottom two buttons on the wheel. So you end up with six buttons but only the functionality of four. This seems to be an odd engineering decision by Logitech.
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