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NASCAR Rules and Strategy

NASCAR is not always just about going fast. It is possible to outsmart your opponents and take the win without being the fastest. Just don't go too far and break the rules. This area is all about the decisions that a team can make before and during a race that can help, or hurt, a driver's chances of winning.

The Chase Is Good For NASCAR
The 2009 Chase for the Cup brought many NASCAR fans out to complain about the Chase format. But are things really so bad? How soon they forget the way NASCAR used to be when the points battles were typically blowouts.

Official Statement From NASCAR Regarding Passing Below the Yellow Line at Tallad
At yesterday's Drivers Meeting, NASCAR reiterated the rule about passing under the yellow line and provided the same information to all drivers and crew chiefs in a hand out, as they've done in past Daytona and Talladega races.

Actions Detrimental To Stock Car Racing - NASCAR Rulebook Section 12-4-A
Nearly every penalty that NASCAR hands down mentions section 12-4-A of the NASCAR rule book. That NASCAR rule covers "actions detrimental to stock car racing." NASCAR applies it freely from to everything from illegal suspension parts to fighting. The question remains, just what actions are truly detrimental to stock car racing?

NASCAR Hands Down Penalties for Gordon and Johnson's Infineon Raceway Infraction
NASCAR handed down it's penalties today for Infineon Raceway rule violations. Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson received the rest of their penalty for violations detected before qualifying for last week's Toyota / Save Mart 350 at Infineon Raceway.

Michael Waltrip Struggling As NEXTEL Cup Car Owner
Starting a new NEXTEL Cup race team is very difficult. That uphill battle becomes even steeper when you run afoul of NASCAR's rules early in the season. Veteran racer Michael Waltrip is finding NEXTEL Cup racing to be very hard going after just two races.

NASCAR Must Be Consistent!
The final moments of the 2007 Daytona 500 were as exciting as any fan could wish for. Kevin Harvick and Mark Martin were door-to-door charging towards the checkered flag. The finish was the closest Daytona 500 finish since they started using electronic scoring. This should be NASCAR's finest hour. The only problem is, it never should have happened at all.

Late Race Pit Strategy
How many times have you heard a crew chief say "we really didn't need that last caution" after losing a race? It happens all the time in NASCAR where a late race yellow and a series of pit stops affects the outcome of the race. Why is it so hard for the crew chief of the leading car to make the right decision? Here is a look at late race pit strategy and why the leader is so often wrong.

NASCAR Rulebook Quiz
How well do you know the NASCAR rulebook? Do you know everything that there is to know about NASCAR including penalties, points, flags and more? Take this fun quiz to test your basic NASCAR knowledge.

Cheaters Never Win... Except In NASCAR
NASCAR is one of the few places in sport where it actually does pay to cheat sometimes. Recently in Las Vegas both winner Jimmie Johnson's and second place driver Kyle Busch's cars failed post race inspection. What should NASCAR have done?

Stop The Rule Breakers - Do Away With The Rules!
NASCAR's rules open the way to cheating and disaster. It's time to put a stop to equality and get back to real racing.

How to win the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Championship
The NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Championship is the pinnacle of American motorsports. What does it really take to win the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup title? Here are the step-by-step instructions that the 2004 and 2005 NASCAR Champions Kurt Busch and Tony Stewart have used on their way to the title.

What is NASCAR Knockout Qualifying?

What is the Green-White-Checkered Rule?
How does NASCAR's overtime rules work? About.com has the answers.

The Difference Between Bias Ply and Radial Tires
NASCAR drivers will primarily race on two different tires during the course of their career -- the bias-ply and the radial.

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