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The Bottom Line

Simply the best NASCAR coverage available. SIRIUS NASCAR Radio provides live coverage of every NEXTEL Cup, Busch and Craftsman Truck series race. When the track goes silent SIRIUS NASCAR Radio provides expert hosts digging deep into the issues that face the sport.

Tony Stewart, Matt Yocum, Marty Snider, David Poole, John Kernan and many others host radio shows on SIRIUS NASCAR Radio. These guys know NASCAR and have access to the people in the sport that can answer the tough questions.

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  • The most NASCAR coverage available anywhere
  • Live coverage of every Cup, Busch and Truck series race
  • Live in-car audio from ten drivers every week
  • True NASCAR experts dig deep into all of the issues


  • Internet streaming service does not include NASCAR Radio
  • $12.95 monthly cost plus hardware (various plans available)
  • Programming is re-runs after 7pm except on Tony Stewart Tuesdays


  • Tony Stewart hosts two hours of great radio every Tuesday night from 8-10pm. He and co-host Matt Yocum have a lot of fun.
  • 10 channels of in-car scanner broadcasts. 9 regularly scheduled drivers plus one driver voted in each week by the fans.
  • Scanner feeds feature MRN audio. The scanner breaks in when necessary. You can keep up with the race and your driver.
  • 24x7 coverage means that SIRIUS NASCAR Radio has time to go deeper than any other NASCAR news source.
  • Coast-To-Coast coverage means you can drive across the country without ever searching for MRN.
  • Besides NASCAR you also get 69 channels of commercial-free music, the NFL, NHL, NBA and a whole lot more.

Guide Review - SIRIUS NASCAR Radio

Lets run through a typical weekday on SIRIUS NASCAR Radio.

The Morning Drive

The 7-11am "The Morning Drive" features MRN's Marty Snider and the Charlotte Observer's David Poole hosting four hours of excellent NASCAR radio. David Poole does not give NASCAR any slack. When he thinks that they made a mistake or something needs to be changed he will let them know.

This is probably my favorite show on SIRIUS as they bring in big name NASCAR guests and ask them hard questions. Marty Snider and David Poole do a great job of getting to the bottom of the issues in a very entertaining format.

The Driver's Seat

From 11am to 3pm John Kernan hosts "The Driver's Seat." This show features guests that know NASCAR from the inside out as NASCAR drivers from the past and present dig into the issues from the drivers' perspective and take fan calls.

Buddy Baker, Johnny Benson, John Andretti, Ricky Craven and many more drivers take their turns behind the microphone. These drivers really give fans an inside look at NASCAR.

SIRIUS Speedway

Dave Moody takes over from 3-7pm with "SIRIUS Speedway." This show features a more casual feel. They are on top of any breaking NASCAR news as they broadcast live from Daytona International Speedway.

This show has a fast pace but this is the point in the day when my NASCAR overload starts to kick in. Taken by itself this is an information-packed broadcast. But after the previous eight hours of coverage these guys don't have much left to talk about that hasn't already been explored by the previous shows.

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