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Top 6 NASCAR Scanners


Having a scanner at a NASCAR race allows you to hear the drivers, spotters and crew talk to each other during the race. You can also listen in on the NASCAR officials or simply listen to the radio broadcast while protecting your hearing from the engines at the same time. With so many choices available, buying a scanner can be a daunting task. Here are the best choices among the current lineup of NASCAR scanners available today.

1. Racing Electronics RE3000

The Racing Electronics RE3000 is a great scanner for NASCAR fans. The size and weight are excellent for a long day at the track.


It features 440 channels for a full weekend of racing with multiple series and plenty of very fan-friendly features. This scanner can be automatically programmed over the air and also features a repeat button that will play back the last 30 seconds of audio in case you missed something important.

This is the finest, friendliest racing scanner that I have ever had the pleasure of testing.

2. Uniden SC-230

This scanner is made to suit the very specific needs of NASCAR fans. It comes preprogrammed for Cup, Busch, Truck, ARCA, Indy and Champ car frequencies plus it connects to your PC for easy frequency management. You can name each channel or group with up to 16 characters which makes it easy to see who is talking at a glance. With too many features to list, this is a great scanner for a new fan and a great upgrade for your older numeric scanner.
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3. Uniden BC92XLT

The Uniden BC92XLT is a great 200 channel scanner. The compact size is perfect for lugging to the track. It runs on two AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries which provide plenty of battery life to get through a weekend. With 200 channels available, this is a solid choice.

4. RACEceiver TruScan

This extremely compact preprogrammed scanner has been updated to now allow you to store some frequencies by car number and scan through them. It gives excellent battery life (up to 36 hours) on one single AA battery. If size and weight are your primary concern there is no better scanner for you than the RACEceiver TruScan.
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5. ProScan 100 Trackside Scanner with FM Radio

The ProScan 100 catches your eye right away with the bright graphics and its small size. Show off your driver loyalty at the track with this unique, brightly-colored, scanner. This is a great scanner for a race fan who only catches one or two races each year. A power-user might want to look for something with more channels and a channel lockout feature.

6. Uniden BC72XLT

The BC72XLT is the 100 channel little brother to the 200 channel BC92XLT. The features and frequency coverage are virtually identical. This version simply has less channel memory. If you can swing the few extra bucks the 200 channel version will be more convenient for you over the long run, but this is still a solid scanner selection if you are on a budget.
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