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Racing Electronics RE3000 Scanner Review

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


The Bottom Line

Overall the Racing Electronics RE3000 is a great scanner for NASCAR fans. The size and weight are excellent for a long day at the track. It's got plenty of channels for a full weekend of racing and plenty of very user-friendly features.


  • Small and Light
  • Over-The-Air Programming
  • 440 Channels in Four Banks
  • 30 Second Replay Feature Lets You Repeat Something You Missed
  • Uses Three AAA Batteries


  • User manual is very short
  • Need to poke at the features to figure out what does what
  • No Analog Squelch (High,Mid,Sensitive)


  • 440 Channels in four banks means that you can have Cup, Nationwide, Trucks and your local series each in their own bank.
  • Small and light means it fits easily into your race bag and won't wear you down during a long day at the track.
  • Over-The-Air programming is the most convenient and hassle-free way to get frequencies into your scanner.
  • The 30 second replay lets you repeat what was just said with the press of a button.

Guide Review - Racing Electronics RE3000 Scanner Review

Let me get it out of the way right up front. The Racing Electronics RE3000 is a great scanner for any race fan. Whether a new scanner for the first-time owner or as an upgrade for an older unit the RE3000 is the finest scanner I have had the pleasure of testing.

The RE3000 race scanner features 440 channels and alpha-numeric channel tagging in a lightweight palm-sized scanner. You can also repeat the last 30 seconds of audio in case you missed something.

Above all though, my favorite feature is over-the-air programming. Instead of spending time pouring over frequency lists, manually typing in frequencies, risking typos and carpal tunnel the RE3000 can do it all for you.

How it works is that while at the track you walk over near the Racing Electronics trailer and put the scanner in Over-The-Air programming mode. In just a few seconds all of the frequencies and names are downloaded to your scanner and you are ready to go to the race. This is a very cool feature which will save tons of time and effort worrying about frequency lists and manually typing in numbers.

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