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ProScan 100 Trackside Scanner with FM Radio

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ProScan 100 with Tony Stewart  graphics

ProScan 100 combo with Tony Stewart graphics

The Bottom Line

The ProScan 100 combination features a great looking, small sized and lightweight 100 channel NASCAR scanner and an FM radio in one unit. Is this the ideal scanner for you? It depends on how often you are going to use it. For the vast majority of race fans who only catch one or two races each year or who primarily use a scanner to listen to MRN this is a great scanner. If you attend many races in many different series then then 100 channel limit is probably a deal breaker for you.
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  • Great looking scanner with officially licensed driver and NASCAR faceplates
  • Included FM radio helps kill time before the race or away from the track
  • Headsets feature same great look and 26dB noise reduction rating


  • Scanner doesn't allow for channel lockout without deleting frequency
  • Headset clamping could get uncomfortable after extended wear
  • 100 channels enough for most users but probably not for power-fans


  • Great looking graphics featuring many of NASCAR's top stars really let you show off your driver
  • Built-in FM radio extends the usefulness of the scanner beyond the track
  • Easy to program, easy to use. This scanner has the features you need and not what you don't
  • Can scan all frequencies or all presets at 50 channels per second.
  • Headset is separate from the electronics. Plug the ear buds into the scanner and cover with headset
  • Headset can be used for yardwork, around power tools or at the shooting range

Guide Review - ProScan 100 Trackside Scanner with FM Radio

The ProScan 100 catches your eye right away with the bright graphics and its small size. This is a great way to show off your driver loyalty at the track.

The scanner is just a touch larger than the palm of your hand and weighs in at less than a pound. Perfect for wearing around your neck or clipping to your belt.

The 100 channel simplified race scanner is very easy to use. The programming buttons are under the driver graphics which slide down out of the way. For normal operation you can close the faceplate and still have access to the volume, tuning and other key features. The overall design is excellent.

You can listen to one channel, scan all frequencies or all presets. There is no channel lockout. This means you also would have to scan always-on MRN which limits the usefulness of the scan function.

The FM radio extends the usefulness of this scanner to the gym, work or anyplace you want a lightweight FM radio. This great feature really helps you get more use out of your purchase.

The noise reduction is excellent which is important for a NASCAR headset. However the tradeoff is that better noise reduction is often less comfortable. This 26dB noise reduction rating headset is "clamp style." I could make it through a race with it on, but I would welcome the chance to take it off for a break.

This is a great scanner for a race fan who only catches one or two races each year. A power-user might want to look for something with more channels and a channel lockout feature.

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