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Fan Vision Is 21st Century NASCAR Scanner

Fan Vision

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Fan Vision Device

Fan Vision Device

Image Courtesy of Fan Vision
Scanners have been a part of NASCAR for decades. There is no doubt that having a scanner adds a great deal to the experience of attending a race. It allows you to better understand what is going on with individual teams and gives you a better sense of what issues are affecting the race and how it may play out.

Fan Vision took the scanner concept to the next level including live streaming video of the race broadcast, in-car cameras, scanner audio for the full field, a wide variety of statistics and information and much more.

This device is packed with everything a NASCAR fan at the track needs to be fully on top of the race day in front of him.


  • Live race video broadcast
  • 8 In-car camera feeds
  • Instant replays
  • In-car scanner feed for the entire field plus radio broadcast and PA Audio
  • Live race stats including lap times, distance ahead/behind, fast laps and more
  • NASCAR news articles
  • Live NASCAR Twitter feed
  • Season statistics including point standings

Physical Device

Fan Vision Video Screen

Fan Vision Video Screen

Image Courtesy of Fan Vision
When I'm at the race track my scanner (BearCat BC 3000XLT) hangs from the strap of my binoculars. The combination can get a bit heavy after a long day of practice, qualifying and a Nationwide Series event.

Fan Vision is significantly lighter. This device weighs in at just 9 ounces compared to my scanner which is over one pound.

It's comfortable around your neck and is no more bulky than a scanner to work around.

When it's in your hands the device fits nicely in two hands. You could work it with just your right hand but I found it more stable and easier to push the buttons with my left hand also on the Fan Vision. The buttons fall naturally under your right thumb when you're holding it and I found the experience fairly intuitive after a brief learning curve while exploring the features.


You can buy a Fan Vision device for $299 which includes one free race weekend. Individual race weekends after the first one are then $19.99 each.

You can also rent Fan Vision at the track for $54.99 for the full race weekend. This includes use of the device and the service.

By comparison Racing Electronics' standard rental of a regular scanner starts at $27.00.

The Fan Vision is twice as expensive but it provides more than twice the functionality.

Overall Experience

Fan Vision Logo

Fan Vision Logo

Image Courtesy of Fan Vision
Other than when you're changing audio streams, looking up some statistics or generally browsing the device during a break in the action you will probably spend most of your time in the main video screen.

This mode is dominated by a large clear video display on the left side of the screen with a scrollable leaderboard on the right. The top status bar scrolls statistics from your favorite drivers and indicates which in-car audio you are currently listening to.

I have been a big fan of scanners for a long time and the Fan Vision device takes the scanner concept to an entirely new level.

My complaints are few.

  • Left handed people may not be as comfortable given the right-centric design of the device.
  • The included earbuds don't compare to a noise-cancelling headset. At a particularly loud track such as Bristol you will probably need a better headset or a set of shooters hearing protection to go over the buds. I used my Racing Electronics scanner headset because I knew it would be comfortable for a long day and it was built to fight off the sounds of NASCAR without blasting my ears.
  • Gadget can be a distraction that keeps you from enjoying the race. It's a cool toy but don't let it keep you from looking up at the actual race.
  • Startup time is slow. It takes some time for it to boot when you first turn it on. This is a minor annoyance though as you only have to suffer through this once per race.
  • One last thing that is worth mentioning is that, like your standard audio scanner, the Fan Vision only works while at the track. Unfortunately you can't bring one home and get all the same benefits during the race.
Overall the functionality is unmatched, battery life is good and the screen is clear and bright enough to be used outside. It is easy for me to recommend the Fan Vision for NASCAR fans.

If you are headed off to the track and considering renting a scanner (which I highly recommend) then the Fan Vision is worth considering. If the extra expense doesn't scare you then I can enthusiastically suggest that you give the Fan Vision a try instead of a traditional scanner.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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