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Scanners / Frequencies

If you don't have a scanner you are missing out on a lot at the races. Unfortunately, there are no longer any reliable, free frequency lists available online. I recommend that you subscribe to one of the big providers for regular updates if you attend a lot of races. If you only attend one or two races each year then buy them at the track during race weekend.

Fan Vision Is 21st Century NASCAR Scanner
Fan Vision is a 21st century take on the scanner. It includes all the in-car audio you'd expect from a scanner plus live video feed, eight in-car cameras and tons of stats and information.

Racing Electronics RE3000 Scanner Review
Overall the Racing Electronics RE3000 is a great scanner for NASCAR fans. The size and weight are excellent for a long day at the track. It's got plenty of channels for a full weekend of racing and plenty of very racefan-friendly features.

NASCAR Scanners - What are they and are they worth the money?
I don't know the exact numbers but it sure seems like 90% of all NASCAR fans at the race are wearing headsets these days. If you still haven't taken the plunge here are the answers to some common questions to help you decide. What can you really hear? Are they worth the money? Get all the information you need about scanners here.

Before You Buy A Scanner
Buying a scanner can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you decide which scanner is best for you.

Top NASCAR Scanners
Having a scanner at a NASCAR race allows you to hear the drivers, spotters and crew talk to each other during the race. You can also listen in on the NASCAR officials or simply listen to the radio broadcast. With so many choices available, buying a scanner can be a daunting task. Here are the best choices among the current lineup of NASCAR...

ProScan 100 Trackside Scanner and FM Radio
The ProScan 100 Trackside Scanner includes a 100 channel NASCAR scanner and an FM radio in one attractive package. Could this be the perfect scanner for you?

This inexpensive little device boosts the volume on your scanner and also acts as a splitter.

Racing Electronics
They have a fairly complete catalog of race fan electronics on the web. Great place for headsets and accessories.

Race Scan Communications
Another scanner site. They now accept orders online.

Review: FanVision NASCAR
Matt Weaver's review of FanVision NASCAR.

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