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NASCAR vs Formula One

The US Grand Prix gives us a chance to compare NASCAR head to head with F1


Updated June 22, 2004
Formula One racing is held in high esteem throughout the world as the greatest form of motorsports on the planet. This weekend the series made it's annual stop in the United States for the US Grand Prix at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. At the same time the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup drivers were racing in Michigan just a few hours away.

Lets compare the two series and see which is truly better.

  • Formula one has had one driver win eight of the nine races in 2004 while NASCAR has had nine different winners in its fifteen races this year.

  • The US Grand Prix featured two lead changes between two different drivers (both on the same team.) The DHL 400 in Michigan saw the lead change hands seventeen times among ten different drivers.

  • At the end of the F1 race in Indianapolis there were just eight cars left on the track, five of them on the lead lap. Michigan saw 31 cars still racing at the checkered flag, 24 of those were still on the same lap as the leader.

  • Michael Schumacher leads the F1 points standings by eighteen points, that is almost two entire races that Michael could sit out and still lead the points.

    In NASCAR Jimmie Johnson leads the season long point standings by seven points, that represents less than two positions on the race track in any one race.

We've seen lately that NASCAR is not perfect but this weekend's US Grand Prix confirms something that many of us have known all along. When it comes to competition, entertainment and racing NASCAR is a lot better than Formula One racing.

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