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Current Women in NASCAR

Only two women are currently in NASCAR's top three series


In 2009 there are no women competing in the Sprint Cup or Nationwide Series. The Craftsman Truck Series has had a few female competitors in 2009 including Gabi Dicarlo, Michelle Theriault, Caitlin Shaw and Jennifer Jo Cobb. However none of these women have a full-time ride in the series.

None of these women currently seems to have the complete package necessary to create the media frenzy that Danica Patrick has. However we just haven't seen enough of them on the track to know. While they all may both capable of solid careers in motorsports NASCAR does not currently have "The" woman to set the world on fire in any of the top three touring series.

Does this woman exist? Danica Patrick has brought excellent exposure to herself, her team, her sponsor and her sport so now every talent scout in NASCAR is looking for the "new" Danica. While I agree that Danica Patrick is truly unique, somewhere in America right now is a girl setting records at her local track and impressing the locals with her maturity and intelligence. I hope she is discovered soon and set on the path to NASCAR Sprint Cup racing.

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