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Rusty Wallace



Retired - In 2005 he drove the Number 2 Dodge


Retired - In 2005 he drove for Penske Racing


Miller Lite


August 14, 1956

Rookie Season:

Started 2 races in 1980, 4 in 1981 and 3 in 1982 before finally racing a full season in 1984. That 1984 season saw two top five runs on his way to a 14th place points finish and Rookie of the Year honors.

Career Highlights:

1984 - Rookie of the Year

1986 - First Win (Bristol)

1987 - First pole (Michigan)

1989 - NEXTEL Cup Champion

1991 - IROC Champion

2005 - Last Call as Rusty retires

2013 - Inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame

Former Champion and NASCAR Legend:

Rusty Wallace has left his mark on the NASCAR world. His 55 series wins puts him eighth on the all-time win list and as the 1989 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion he can easily say that he has conquered all that NASCAR has to offer.

Rusty can have a bit of a temper out of the car. He once famously threw a water bottle at Dale Earnhardt after Rusty took a beating on the track at the hands of the Intimidator.

In the car he is rock solid and able to put it all behind him. Just a few weeks after the water bottle incident Wallace and Earnhardt ran door to door for the lead at Richmond lap after lap with both drivers racing clean. That was the perfect image of everything NASCAR could be.

Since Rusty Wallace retired from Sprint Cup competition after the 2005 season that is exactly how I remember him forever. Side-by-side for the win with the number 3 when both men were at the top of the NASCAR world.

Even in his final NASCAR Sprint Cup season Rusty hadn't lost a step. He qualified for the Chase for the Sprint Cup and finished a strong eighth in the final standings.

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