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Juan Pablo Montoya



Number 42 Dodge


Earnhardt Ganassi Racing




September 20th, 1975

Rookie Season:

Juan Pablo Montoya came to NASCAR in 2007 as a rookie. However, he brought with him one of the most impressive resumes in the history of the sport.

Montoya proved that driving talent is the same regardless of the type of car. He won on the road course at Sonoma in his very first season and won the 2007 Rookie of the Year honors.

Career Highlights:

1998 - Won Formula 3000 Championship

1999 - CART Rookie of the Year

1999 - CART Series Champion

2000 - Won Indianapolis 500

2001 - Joined Formula One

2001 - First Formula One Win (Italy)

2002 - Finished third in Driver's Championship

2003 - Finished third in Driver's Championship

2007 - NASCAR Sprint Cup Rookie of the year

2007 - First Sprint Cup Series Win (Infineon)

Driving Style:

You might assume that given his familiarity with the more fragile pointy cars that Juan Montoya might be a graceful, delicate kind of racer. You would be wrong.

Montoya often lets his temper show through on the track. Already in his short career he has run ins with Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick and others.

Juan Pablo Montoya:

Rarely in the history of NASCAR has a driver been such an anticipated rookie addition to the sport. Juan Pablo Montoya has been successful at every level of motorsports in the world.

He was Kart Junior World Champion, CART Series Champion, winner of the Indianapolis 500 and has won races in Formula One. No one questions that Juan Pablo Montoya can drive race cars. The only question was whether or not he can drive the heavier NASCAR Sprint Cup race cars.

Montoya started out will with a win in his rookie season but has been less impressive since. He has not yet shown the ability to be consistent in NASCAR.

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