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NASCAR History


NASCAR has a rich and colorful history. Over fifty years of racing has left behind many great memories. There are hundreds of memorable personalities that shaped NASCAR into the sport we see today. Plus tons of statistics are available to help settle, or start, hours of entertaining discussions about NASCAR.
  1. NASCAR Legends
  2. NASCAR Statistics

NASCAR Legends

Richard Petty and his 1959 Daytona 500 #43

At the core NASCAR is about people not machines. From legendary drivers to famous officials NASCAR was shaped by more than half a century of men and women. The cars and tracks are just props which allow incredible people to perform amazing feats for the entertainment of millions.

NASCAR Statistics

Since its inception NASCAR has run over 2,000 races which have been won by more than 175 different drivers. This massive body of data can be sliced and diced into hundreds of fascinating statistics. If you want to settle a bet or discover some interesting piece of NASCAR trivia there are many great NASCAR statistics to pour through.

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