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History of NASCAR

Since 1949 NASCAR has had a long and rich history. From the early vision of Bill France Sr. NASCAR has grown to the biggest motorsport series in North America. You can't truly understand NASCAR as it is today without knowing something about the history of NASCAR.
  1. 2005 Season (62)
  2. 2006 Season (55)
  3. 2007 NASCAR Season (51)
  4. 2008 NASCAR Season (59)
  5. 2009 NASCAR Season (60)
  6. 2010 NASCAR Season (47)
  7. 2011 NASCAR Season (85)
  8. 2012 NASCAR Season (94)
  9. NASCAR Statistics (6)

Top NASCAR Stories of the Decade
The O's are drawing to a close. NASCAR has seen some incredible changes in these last ten years as new faces have come and old faces have gone. In 2000 Dale Earnhardt was still intimidating and Jimmie Johnson had never started a Sprint Cup race. Bill Elliott was the sport's Most Popular driver and Ford was regularly winning the Manufacturer's Championship. Before we look forward to the teens le…

Bill France Jr.
Bill France Jr. is the son of NASCAR founder Bill France Sr. While the sport would not exist at all without the senior France it was the son that had the vision drive to make NASCAR what it is today.

Who is Bill France Sr. and Why Did He Start NASCAR?
Today NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in America. Where did the multi-billion dollar organization of today get its start? Who founded NASCAR? Where? Why? This article digs into the very early days of this great sport.

Top Five NASCAR Drivers Ever
These five drivers account for twenty-three Championships and over 400 wins. Do my choices match your list?

Richard Petty
King Richard's career stats, merchandise and more. You can even join the Petty fan club online here at PettyRacing.com.

Greatest Moments In Daytona 500 History
The Great American Race has had some moments in its history that have helped define the sport. Here are the greatest moments in Daytona 500 history.

1976 Carolina 500 in Rockingham, NC
NASCAR has changed a lot since 1976, mostly for the better, but in exchange for nationally televised races, multi-million dollar paydays and 150,000 seat racing palaces NASCAR has given up some of it's small-town charm that the sport was built on.

History of African Americans in NASCAR
NASCAR has long struggled with its efforts to foster diversity and encourage young minorities to embrace the sport. NASCAR is over 50 years old and in that time only three African-Americans have made it to NASCAR's top series. Here is a look back at African-Americans in NASCAR.

Who Should NASCAR Induct in the Hall of Fame?
Charlotte, North Carolina has been announced as the future home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. While the site and the proposed building are beautiful the real question is who should be enshrined inside. Who should be in the very first NASCAR Hall of Fame class?

2012 NASCAR Hall of Fame Nominees
This week NASCAR announced the list of 25 nominees for the NASCAR Hall of Fame’s third induction class to be enshrined in January 2012. From this list, five inductees will be elected by the NASCAR Hall of Fame Voting Panel, which includes a nationwide fan vote on NASCAR.COM.

2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Hall of Fame Inductees
Five NASCAR legends make up the NASCAR Hall of Fame class of 2013.

NASCAR's First (Failed) Union Attempt: The Teamsters
NASCAR drivers first attempted to form a union in 1961 but failed...

NASCAR's Second (Failed) Union Attempt: Talladega
NASCAR warded off a second attempt of drivers unionizing back in 1969 and the inaugural race at Talladega Superspeedway.

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