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NASCAR Buying Guide


NASCAR fans are famously loyal to their drivers and their sport. Some fans will do anything to show their support for NASCAR. Unfortunately companies have learned this and are dumping products on NASCAR fans at an alarming rate. If you are tired of cheap products with a knockoff NASCAR logo on them I can help you sort through the sea of products.

NASCAR Scanners

Darryl Moran/Flickr
Having a scanner at a NASCAR race allows you to hear the drivers, spotters and crew talk to each other during the race. You can also listen in on the NASCAR officials or simply listen to the radio broadcast. With so many choices available, buying a scanner can be a daunting task. Here are the best choices among the current lineup of NASCAR scanners available today.

NASCAR Magazines

If you're looking for the best NASCAR news and information in print these NASCAR magazines are for you. Whether you want great full color NASCAR photos or in-depth NASCAR news in a no nonsense format there is a NASCAR magazine here to suit your style.

Force Feedback Steering Wheels

Force Feedback support has come a long way in racing sims and now some sim racers believe that Force Feedback wheels are the only way to go. Here are the best Force Feedback wheels available on the market today.

High-Tech NASCAR Gadgets

NASCAR fans love their toys and gadgets. NASCAR is a high-tech sport and it's fans are drawn to equally high-tech NASCAR toys and gadgets. I'm certainly no exception as I love my technology, especially NASCAR technology! Here are the best electronic high tech gadgets for NASCAR fans.

Last Minute NASCAR Gifts

Did you put off buying something for that special NASCAR fan and now you are in a jam and in need of some quick suggestions? These gifts can all be bought online or over the phone and there is no physical item to wrap. You can just write a note to explain your gift and the NASCAR fan on your list will be delighted. Here are some last minute gift ideas that every NASCAR fan will love.


From the early days of Moonshine and dirt tracks to today's multimillion dollar speedways and superstar drivers NASCAR's diverse story and fan base have spawned many books. Here are some NASCAR books that are worth your time and money.

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