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What Is a Real NASCAR Fan?


Question: What Is a Real NASCAR Fan?
You see it thrown around a lot on the Internet. In any NASCAR discussion eventually one person will claim that they are a "real fan" and that clearly their opponent is not. What does that really mean?

Being a true NASCAR fan is not a function of how old you are, how long you have been a fan or who your favorite driver is. NASCAR has millions of fans spanning all ages, shapes, sizes and cultures. What is it that truly makes one person more of a "real NASCAR fan" than another?


Real NASCAR Fans:

  • never cheer a wreck
  • respect all drivers
  • help others to appreciate NASCAR
  • understand that NASCAR existed long before their favorite driver was in it
  • never leave the race early (without a darn good reason)
  • learn about NASCAR history
  • appreciate a good race even if their favorite driver is not in it
  • are from all walks of life and all geographic areas
  • often enjoy other types of motorsport
  • know who "The King" is
  • are friendly
  • are passionate
  • may or may not have ever been to a live race
  • never throw anything on the track

In short, are you an ambassador for the sport, willing to learn more about NASCAR and trying to set a good example for us all? If so then you are a "real NASCAR fan."

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