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You Can Help Define the 2013 Sprint Unlimited Format

Fans can Vote Now for the 2013 Sprint Unlimited Competition Details


Updated January 24, 2013
The 2013 Sprint Unlimited is the unofficial kickoff to the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup season. Pole winners from last year plus former winners of the event battle for 75 laps on the high banks of Daytona International Speedway for cash and the honor of a trip to Daytona's legendary Victory Lane.

This year, in addition to the name change, NASCAR is really changing things up as they are putting fans in control. An open fan vote will determine key aspects of the competition.

Do you prefer a short ten lap sprint to the finish for the final segment or a longer twenty lap final segment? How about pit stops, would you like to see a mandatory four-tire stop after the first segment? Key questions like this will definitely have an impact on the outcome of the race and fans are voting now to decide.

What Are the Questions?

The first question is about the race format. Although the race is locked in to seventy-five total laps race fans have a choice of three options for how many laps will be in each segment.

  1. Segment 1: 40 Laps, Segment 2: 20 Laps, Segment 3: 15 Laps
  2. Segment 1: 35 Laps, Segment 2: 30 Laps, Segment 3: 10 Laps
  3. Segment 1: 30 Laps, Segment 2: 25 Laps, Segment 3: 20 Laps

The second question lets NASCAR fans choose the details of a mandatory pit stop at the end of the first segment or to skip the pit stop altogether. The available choices for this question are as follows.

  1. No Pit Stop
  2. Mandatory Two Tire Change
  3. Mandatory Four Tire Change

The next question will really have serious impact on some drivers' wallets. Fans will be able to choose how many cars are eliminated at the end of the second segment. Some number of drivers between zero and six will not be allowed to compete in the final segment's dash for cash.

Your choices here are:

  1. Zero Cars Eliminated
  2. Two Cars Eliminated
  3. Four Cars Eliminated
  4. Six Cars Eliminated

The final question available to race fans has absolutely nothing to do with the actual race. Instead this question asks race fans to pick which fire suit design they want to see Miss Sprint Cup wear in Victory Lane.

There aren't any earth-shattering designs here. (One hint, they are all yellow and black and prominently feature the Sprint logo) It's just one more place that fans can take part in this fan-centric made for television event.

How To Vote

NASCAR fans have two options to cast their votes but it is important to note that the two options are not equal. One option counts twice as much as the other.

The first option is to point your web browser at http://www.nascar.com/sprintunlimited and vote on the web. There is no limit to the number of times you can vote so go ahead and stuff the ballot for your favorite race options.

The second available voting method is to use the NASCAR Mobile '13 app on your compatible iOS or Android device. If you use the mobile app to vote then NASCAR will count your vote twice. This gives you twice the impact on the outcome for your voting effort.

Again, there doesn't seem to be any limit on how often you can vote. In fact there is a convenient "Vote Again" button on the final confirmation screen to make your ballot box stuffing even more convenient.

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