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NASCAR Culture

When NASCAR moves from track to track there is a lot more going on than just the on-track events. NASCAR races are a full-on party! Race fans are some of the friendliest people in the world. This area is dedicated to the off-track fun that surrounds the sport.

What Items Do You Take to the Race Track?
When you head off to the race track there are some things that are essential (tickets, sunscreen) and some things that are just nice to have (scanner). In the grandstand space is usually limited so you can't bring a lot of extra junk but many race fans have their own list of "must have" items. What is on your list of race day essentials?

What I Take To a Race - My Race Gear
As a veteran attendee of hundreds of races I know what is important to take to a NASCAR race. Here is a look at my race bag and everything in it. This is the stuff I take to the race track.

Which Race Track Hosts Your Favorite NASCAR Tailgate Party?
My favorites are above. Which race tracks hosted your favorite NASCAR tailgate party?

NASCAR Buying Guide
NASCAR fans are famously loyal to their drivers and their sport. Some fans will do anything to show their support for NASCAR. Unfortunately companies have learned this and are dumping products on NASCAR fans at an alarming rate. If you are tired of cheap products with a knockoff NASCAR logo on them I can help you sort through the sea of products.

What is NASCAR Day?
NASCAR Day was created to celebrate the NASCAR spirit and NASCAR fans. NASCAR fans are encouraged to purchase a collectible pin for $5 and wear it proudly on the third Saturday in May. The money goes to the NASCAR Foundation which supports dozens of NASCAR-related charities including the Victory Junction Gang Camp and Speedway Childrens Charities.

Should NASCAR Schedule More Night Races?
NASCAR has been racing under the lights since Bristol Motor Speedway lit up its half-mile oval in 1978. Since then NASCAR has added a few more night races to the schedule but hasn't rushed headlong into racing after dark. Should NASCAR add more night races or do we already have too many? The answer is not as obvious as it may seem.

Biggest NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Races
Every one of the 36 points races on the NEXTEL Cup schedule are worth the same number of points. However not all races are truly equal in the minds of the drivers, fans and media. Here are the biggest races on the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup schedule.

Is NASCAR Just Professional Wrestling On Wheels?
Recently on Tony Stewart's SIRIUS satellite radio show he compared NASCAR to the WWE. He claimed that NASCAR throws unnecessary caution flags in order to artificially influence the outcome of the races. Is NASCAR a sport or is it simply entertainment masked as a sport?

What Is a Real NASCAR Fan?
You see it thrown around a lot on the Internet. In any NASCAR discussion eventually one person will claim that they are a "real fan" and that clearly their opponent is not. What is it that makes one person more of a "true fan" than another?

Best NASCAR Tailgate Parties
NASCAR races are a great place to get together with friends and fans before and after the race. Many fans choose to avoid the traffic by coming early and staying late to have a cookout and something to drink. Many fans even stay the entire weekend! Here are the best race tracks on the NEXTEL Cup circuit for tailgate parties.

Vote in the Poll: Where is the Best NASCAR Tailgate Party?
What race track do you think has the best tailgate party? Is it the night time fun of Bristol in August? The crazy fans in Dover? The knowledgeable race fans that party outside of Lowes Motor Speedway? Vote in the poll and see how other fans have voted.

History of African-Americans in NASCAR
NASCAR has long struggled with its efforts to foster diversity and encourage young minorities to embrace the sport. NASCAR is over 50 years old and in that time only three African-Americans have made it to NASCAR's top series. Here is a look back at African-Americans in NASCAR.

Are international races good for the sport?
Recently NASCAR has started to branch out into other countries. The Busch Series races in Mexico and there are many rumors about NASCAR heading to Canada in the near future. Given that many parts of the United States are under-served by NASCAR today, should NASCAR be expanding internationally?

Who is Miss Sprint Cup?
Miss Sprint Cup may be one of the least understood public figures in NASCAR. Who is she? What does she do?

NASCAR Twitter Handles
NASCAR is full of original personalities and no where is that more obvious and entertaining than on the social media site Twitter. You can hear directly from the source with these Twitter handles for many NASCAR drivers, officials, tracks and more.

You Can Help Define the 2013 Sprint Unlimited Format
The 2013 Sprint Unlimited is letting fans take control. Fan votes will determine key aspects of the event. Learn about the options and how to vote.

Steve McCormick's Checkered Flag
The About.com NASCAR Guide hangs up his pen with a final farewell.

NASCAR Klout Scores

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