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NASCAR 101 for New NASCAR Fans

Just getting started with NASCAR? Want a refresher on some of the basics? These resources will get you up to speed quickly.
  1. How To Get NASCAR Tickets
  2. Scanner Information

What is NASCAR?
What is NASCAR? Why is it different from other racing series and just what is the point of all this?

What Is A NASCAR Sprint Cup Race Car?
What is a NASCAR Sprint Cup race car? Here are the facts, figures, stats and rules that define what a NASCAR Sprint Cup race car is.

NASCAR Acronym Defined
You can't claim to know about NASCAR unless you actually know what NASCAR is. Here is an explanation of what the acronym NASCAR stands for.

What is The Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup?
Since 2004 the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship has been decided by a kind of playoff system called The Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. Sometimes this is called simply the Chase for the Cup. What is The Chase? Why does it exist? Who is eligible for it? Here is a primer on The Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

NASCAR Glossary
NASCAR has a language all it's own. Look up definitions of commonly used NASCAR terms and phrases.

The Points System
How do they decide who wins the championship at the end of the season? Learn the ins and outs of the NASCAR points.

Flags of NASCAR
There are eight different flags that the NASCAR officials use from the flag stand to control the race. Many are a common site during the course of a race but some are a bit obscure and require a little more explanation. Here are the flags used during a NASCAR Race.

How is the NASCAR Sprint Cup Season Structured?
The NASCAR Sprint Cup season has a natural flow to it. While each race is worth the same number of points not all races are truly equal. The season has distinct segments, each with a unique personality and a different focus. What are these segments and how do they affect the overall Chase for the Sprint Cup?

Top Five NASCAR Drivers Ever
These five drivers account for twenty-three Championships and over 400 wins. Do my choices match your list?

How Do I Get Started In NASCAR?
Get your child (or yourself) started on the path to a career as a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup driver. Here is some help in how to become a NASCAR star.

Who Started NASCAR?
Today NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in America. Where did the multi-billion dollar organization of today get its start? Who founded NASCAR? Where? Why? This article digs into the very early days of this great sport.

NASCAR Payout Explained
Did you ever notice in the official NASCAR results that sometimes a lower finishing driver will earn more than the guys right in front of him? NASCAR has a method to determining how much each team earns, but it's not all based on your finishing position. Learn how the money is distributed after a race.

How To Contact NASCAR
Need to get in touch with NASCAR? Would you like to work for NASCAR? Want to sound off about a recent rule change, official decision or most anything else NASCAR related? If you truly want to go straight to the source then here is NASCAR's contact information.

What is the Difference Between NASCAR Driver Points and NASCAR Car Owner Points?
NASCAR maintains two separate point systems, one for the drivers and the other for car owners. While the point systems are similar the points are used in very different ways. Here are the similarities and differences between the driver points and the car owner points.

How to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship
The NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship is the pinnacle of American motorsports. What does it really take to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup title? Here are the step-by-step instructions that the 2004 and 2005 NASCAR Champions Kurt Busch and Tony Stewart have used on their way to the title.

How NASCAR Qualifying Works
Each week the starting lineup for the NASCAR race is determined by the NASCAR qualifying process. With qualifying times, guaranteed starters and provisionals all factoring into the mix NASCAR qualifying can be a bit confusing. NASCAR has made some changes to the qualifying process over the years but here is the current method that they use to...

How Far Are They Going? Race And Track Lengths Explained
Which is longer, the Sharpie 500 at Bristol or the Aarons 499 at Talladega? How does NASCAR know how many laps to race each weekend? Is it laps, miles or something else? These are popular questions that even seasoned NASCAR fans have. Let me take a minute to explain.

Daytona 500 Qualifying Explained
Daytona 500 qualifying is completely different than any other race on the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup schedule. The drivers compete in standard time trials, but then also hold two races to set the starting lineup. Here is an explanation of how qualifying for the Daytona 500 works.

What is the NASCAR Budweiser Shootout?
The NASCAR NEXTEL Cup season begins each season with the Budweiser Shootout. This non-points race generates a lot of excitement as this is the first race of the year. Not all drivers qualify for this special event though. How does a driver get into the NASCAR Budweiser Shootout? Here is everything that a race fan needs to know about the...

Lucky Dog Rule Explained
Since 2003 NASCAR has awarded a free pass to the first driver one lap down. This rule is known as the Lucky Dog rule. While it seems straightforward there are a number of exceptions to this convoluted rule. Here is a thorough explanation of NASCAR's Lucky Dog and a commentary on its place within professional sports.

What is the Air Titan 2.0?
NASCAR currently uses the Air Titan 2.0 to combat lengthy rain delays but how does it work?

The Difference Between Bias Ply and Radial Tires
NASCAR drivers will primarily race on two different tires during the course of their career -- the bias-ply and the radial.

NASCAR Ladder Stages

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