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NASCAR Mobile '13 iPhone App

NASCAR's Latest Mobile App Looks Promising

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NASCAR Digital Media, LLC recently released an all-new mobile app for 2013. This app is already packed with news, stats, videos and more with the promise of even more great features once the season begins.

The app is free.

The iPad and Android apps appear to be the same as the NASCAR iPhone app that I reviewed here but I have not had the chance to use either of those myself.

For more information about other iPhone, iPad and iPod apps check out the About.com Guide to all things iOS related.

Supported Devices

This app works with the iPhone 3GS and above as well; as any iPod touch 3rd generation or newer as well as any of the iPad family devices.

This NASCAR app requires iOS 5.0 or later.

What Does the NASCAR Mobile '13 iPhone App Do?

When you open the NASCAR Mobile '13 iPhone App the main "home" screen has most of what you would be looking for at a glance and it also serves as a nice preview of what the app has to offer.

The top section will show you what, when and where the next race is as well as what network will have the coverage. The app will also conveniently give you the opportunity to add the event to your calendar. There is also a link which will let you post to Twitter or Facebook or send an email without leaving the app.

The second section of the home screen is called "My Driver" and features your favorite driver which you can designate in the drivers section of the app. This section features your driver's picture, points and rank, year to date wins and how far he or she is behind the leader in points.

Below that is the lead photo. You can swipe the photo to see more.

Finally, the bottom of the home screen shows the latest NASCAR headlines which you can touch to take you directly into the full story. Next to the news headlines is a Videos tab which will, of course, show you all the latest videos.

The videos were my one biggest complaint about the app. I don't know if it's just me or an issue with my iPhone 5 but none of the videos that I tried had any sound. Since the app is brand new I'm going to give NASCAR the benefit of the doubt until the season gets a little closer. Then we will see if this problem persists.

Digging Deeper to Find More Features

The menu button on the top left corner lets you switch between the Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck series. These choices will change the home screen, news, media and schedule information for whatever series you choose. You can even choose a favorite driver from each series to help you keep tabs on them at a glance.

Other menu items include News & Media, Drivers, Schedule, Tickets and Standings.

News and Media is a deeper dive into the news, videos and Twitter feeds from the sport for whichever series you have selected.

The Drivers page lists all of the drivers. Choosing any driver gives you full current season and historical stats for their career. Again, these are filter for whichever series you have selected. The past performance for each driver at the upcoming race track is also featured here including average start and average finish information.

The Schedule option brings you the full schedule and choosing any item brings you much more in depth information about the race track and the upcoming events. Right below that Tickets will allow you to purchase tickets to upcoming events.

The Standings menu option brings completely sortable standings to your mobile device.


The NASCAR Mobile '13 iPhone App is absolutely worth the free price. It weighs in currently at a reasonable 16.6 MB and requires an internet connection in order to update the news, videos and statistics.

NASCAR promises "Live race day coverage" when the season starts in February. We will have to see what form that takes but I'm hoping that will mean live streaming audio coverage of the races.

Even without live coverage this free app is definitely worth downloading so you can have all the latest NASCAR news and stats at your fingertips direct from the source.

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