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The Illusion of Parity

NASCAR Claims Parity Among Manufacturers But the Facts Show a Different Story


Jimmie Johnson Pits En Route To Another Victory

Jimmie Johnson Pits En Route To Another Victory

Photo by Jason Smith / Getty Images Sport
NASCAR talks a lot about parity in the sport. They work hard to ensure that the playing field is level for all competitors. They do vigorous tech inspections before and after races and keep the rule book locked down tightly to attempt to ensure parity among all four manufacturers. But is parity a reality?

If you just looked at the last four races of 2009 you might think that it is working. One of each manufacturer won the last four Sprint Cup events in 2009.

Ford Struggles

However, Jamie McMurray's Talladega victory in race number 33 was only Ford's third win of 2009 and their first since Matt Kenseth swept the first two events of the season. Ford's three wins all came from the Roush-Fenway team.

Dodge Was Dismal

Dodge did only marginally better in 2009. Dodge drivers picked up four wins in 2009 as Kasey Kahne and Kurt Busch each won two races.

Toyota - Best of the Rest

Toyota finished 2009 with eleven wins. Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin lead the way for Toyota as they drove their Camrys to Victory Lane four times each. David Reutimann, Joey Logano and Brian Vickers picked up the other three wins for Toyota.

Chevy Dominates Again

Chevrolet drivers got off to a slow start. They didn’t visit Victory Lane until Jimmie Johnson won the sixth race of the season. Chevy drivers quickly turned a drought into domination by winning eleven of the next fifteen races. Chevrolet ended the season with a total of eighteen wins on their way to their seventh consecutive Manufacturer’s title.

Chevy's seven manufacturer’s championships in a row is a streak that has never been matched in the history of NASCAR. So where is all that parity NASCAR talks so much about?

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