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Jeff Gordon



Number 24 Chevrolet


Hendrick Motorsports


Dupont Automotive Finishes


August 4, 1971

Rookie Season:

Started one race in 1992. 1993 was his official rookie season. Won a 125-mile qualifier for Daytona but no points races. He did win the Rookie Of The Year honors for 1993.

Career Highlights:

1991 - Busch Series Rookie Of The Year

1993 - NEXTEL Cup Rookie Of The Year

1995 - NEXTEL Cup Champion

1997 - NEXTEL Cup Champion

1997 - Won the Winston Million

1998 - NEXTEL Cup Champion

2001 - NEXTEL Cup Champion

Dominator Of The Late 90s:

Jeff Gordon always seems to be in the right place at the right time. His first ever NASCAR NEXTEL Cup series race was one of the most historic days in NASCAR. The 1992 season finale in Atlanta which featured his first start, Richard Petty's last race, and the best points battle ever as Alan Kulwicki took home the title.

More than that, he just has a knack for not being where the wreck is. He can have junk for a car and still find his way into contention for the win at the end of the day. Jeff Gordon is a force in NASCAR and will continue to be even after he decides to hang up his helmet as he is now part car owner of the #48 team and driver Jimmie Johnson.

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