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NASCAR Kart Racing - Wii

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NASCAR Kart Racing

NASCAR Kart Racing

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The Bottom Line

Genuinely fun, NASCAR Kart Racing is a must-have for NASCAR fans as the only NASCAR game available for the Wii.
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  • Only NASCAR game available for Wii
  • Game provides fun for the whole family
  • Brings new elements to the arcade racing genre


  • Not intended to be realistic racing simulation
  • Some events and challenges can be frustrating to complete


  • 14 real NASCAR drivers to race as, team up with or compete against.
  • Each driver has unique combination of: Slide, Zone, Grind and Boost skills
  • Getting in the Zone with your teammate to slingshot and earn boosts is a key part of the game
  • 24 unique race tracks with jumps, obstacles, speed boosts and short cuts.
  • Multi-player support for up to four players via split screen
  • Tough rivals in career mode will challenge your Wii racing skills
  • Eight different power-ups to collect which can turn your race around in seconds
  • Game modes include Quick Race, Championships and Challenges like distance driving, hot laps and precision driving.
  • Supports Nintendo Wii Wheel

Guide Review - NASCAR Kart Racing - Wii

NASCAR Kart Racing for Wii is the first (and so far only) NASCAR game available for the Wii gaming console. This is a fun arcade racer that the entire family can enjoy.

The Drivers

NASCAR Kart Racing contains 14 real NASCAR drivers plus 10 "outsiders" that you can compete as, with or against.

Licensed drivers are:

  • Jimmie Johson
  • Jeff Burton
  • Carl Edwards
  • Jeff Gordon
  • Tony Stewart
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Kyle Busch
  • Kevin Harvick
  • Denny Hamlin
  • Matt Kenseth
  • Kasey Kahne
  • Elliot Sadler
  • Joey Logano (unlockable through GameStop)
  • Mystery Unlockable Driver
The drivers each have different strengths. Choose your driver and your teammate carefully as these attributes play directly into your race strategy.

The Tracks

NASCAR Kart Racing features 24 different tracks to do battle on. Don't let the "NASCAR" in the name fool you, very few of these tracks are ovals. Instead you will race through junkyards, deserts, cities and more.


NASCAR Kart Racing brings something new to the console racing party, a teammate. Getting "in the zone" with your teammate to build boost and using the slingshot effectively are key to success in the game.

Yes, But Is It Any Fun?

NASCAR Kart Racing borrows heavily from another popular Wii racing game, Mario Kart. They both feature fun race tracks and power ups which can help you win.

This game is not NASCAR 09 or NASCAR Racing 2003 which tried to simulate the real NASCAR experience. Instead this is a surprisingly fun arcade racer with familiar licensed drivers.

This game is easy enough for kids to pick up and challenging enough that scoring a win in some of the higher level events is very satisfying for adults. The Wii caters to the casual gamer and NASCAR Kart Racing fits in nicely.

Genuinely fun, NASCAR Kart Racing is a must-have for NASCAR fans as the only NASCAR game available for the Wii.

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