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The personalities that surround the sport are what make NASCAR so compelling. Each driver has a unique personal style and each driver attracts a devoted fan base. In modern NASCAR the teams are just as important as the people in the drivers' seats. From the superteams like Hendrick Motorsports and Roush Fenway Racing down to the smaller single-car operations every driver owes his or her success to the army of people in the pits and back at the shop.
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NASCAR Drivers

Tony Stewart Celebrates 2007 Chicagoland Victory

NASCAR drivers are a unique breed in sports. They must maintain concentration and physical precision while temperatures can approach 150 degrees. NASCAR racing is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding work. Then drivers must face the media with a smile immediately after (or sometimes during) the event in order to please the sponsors.


While the drivers get the majority of the attention NASCAR is truly a team sport. There is not a single driver on the track that doesn't owe every bit of their success or failure to a small army of men and women working incredibly hard behind the scenes. All of the successful teams these days have multiple cars and great relationships with the manufacturers who provide additional technical support. NASCAR is a team sport in every sense of the word.

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