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Jeremy Mayfield Drug Test Failure Leaves Many Questions

Without Knowing the Substance NASCAR Fans Can Only Speculate


Updated May 18, 2009
Last week NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jeremy Mayfield was suspended indefinitely from NASCAR for failing a random drug test. NASCAR obviously takes these violations very seriously. Given the dangerous nature of the sport I agree with their hard stance on drug testing.

On the other hand I do not agree with NASCAR not sharing what they found in Mayfield’s blood. NASCAR says they do not reveal the results due to privacy however this has left fans and drivers with more questions than answers.

According to The Charlotte Observer the drug found was not over-the-counter. Mayfield says that the positive result must have come from a combination of over-the-counter and prescription drugs while NASCAR denies that this is possible. NASCAR fans and even other NASCAR drivers simply don’t have enough information to know who could be right.

If Mayfield is innocent he should go to the media with the results and explain publicly how he thinks the substance got into his blood. Then fans, drivers and the media can stop speculating and finally have some facts to digest.

Jeremy Mayfield Drug Test Failure Leaves Many Questions
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