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NASCAR to Use Unleaded Racing Fuel in 2008

EPA / NASCAR / Sunoco partner to develop unleaded racing fuel for NASCAR


NASCAR recently announced that NASCAR teams would switch to unleaded racing fuel by the start of the 2008 season. This is a significant development for NASCAR teams as they have long been the target of environmental groups. This change is possible because of a partnership between the Environmental Protection Agency, Sunoco and NASCAR.

Passenger car manufacturers began switching to unleaded racing fuel in 1971. However, the high-octane racing fuel that NASCAR teams use still contains environmentally-unfriendly lead.

NASCAR has been researching unleaded racing fuels for years but until now has never been able to find a mixture that works for race teams. Current unleaded racing fuels all caused damage to racing engines.

This switch is now possible because Sunoco researchers have come up with a new formulation called Sunoco 260 GTX. This new formula still provides great racing performance but without damaging NASCAR engines like common unleaded racing fuels do.

While many believe that this change is long overdue it really has only recently become possible due to advanced technology and research at Sunoco.

This is a true win/win situation as NASCAR is able to do its part for the environment and the EPA while protecting the quality of its on track product. The best news of all? Race fans will not even know the difference.

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