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More information about the NASCAR race cars and their manufacturers.
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Dodge Avenger NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Car Of Tomorrow
Dodge will be racing two different models in 2007. Their traditional NEXTEL Cup car continues to be the Charger. The Dodge Car of Tomorrow is based on the 2008 Dodge Avenger. Here are some photos of the new NEXTEL Cup Dodge Avenger Car of Tomorrow.

What is the NASCAR Car Of Tomorrow?
The NASCAR Car Of Tomorrow will be introduced to NEXTEL Cup racing for 16 races in 2007. NASCAR will switch to the Car of Tomorrow for the entire 2008 schedule. What is the Car Of Tomorrow and why is NASCAR switching to it?

What Is A NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Race Car?
What is a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race car? Here are the facts, figures, stats and rules that define what a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race car is.

Toyota To Enter NASCAR
Why is Toyota allowed to enter the all-American series and what does it mean for the future of NASCAR?

NASCAR to Use Unleaded Fuel in 2008
NASCAR recently announced that NASCAR teams would switch to unleaded fuel by the start of the 2008 season. This is a significant development for NASCAR teams as they have long been the target of environmental groups. This change is possible because researchers at Sunoco have developed Sunoco 260 GTX a new fuel formula that does not damage racing engines.

Stop The Rule Breakers
NASCAR's rules open the way to cheating and disaster. It's time to put a stop to equality and get back to real racing.

NASCAR Race Car Evolution
A lot has changed in NASCAR since that very first Daytona 500 was run on the high banks of Daytona International Speedway. Speed, safety and competition have all seen great advances through the decades. Here are the major advances race cars though the years.

What is the Sixth Generation NASCAR Sprint Cup Race Car?
The 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Car has been redesigned to please the fans. New manufacturer branding and driver nametags highlight the changes in the sixth generation car.

What is the NASCAR Gen-6 Car?
What is the NASCAR Gen-6 Race Car and how is it different from the Car of Tomorrow?

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