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Last-Minute NASCAR Gift Guide

Things You Can Buy and Give A NASCAR Fan Without Having To Wrap


The holiday season is in full swing. Gift givers everywhere are searching for the perfect gifts for all the good (and sometimes not so good) NASCAR fans on their shopping lists.

If you have put off finding that perfect gift for the NASCAR fan on your list and are stumped for great holiday gift ideas here are some suggestions can be purchased at the last possible minute.

These NASCAR items don't require you to wrap a present and can be purchased online just seconds before you give them. Just put a note in a card telling your favorite NASCAR fan what you bought them. They will be thrilled that you've brought them closer to their favorite sport and you will be thrilled that you didn't have to suffer through long lines and rude customers in a store or even wrap a present.

1. NASCAR Illustrated

The first item on this list is the least expensive but is also a gift that will keep on giving all year long.

NASCAR Scene and NASCAR Illustrated merged in 2010 leaving NASCAR Illustrated as the best NASCAR magazine on the market. This full-color monthly magazine features photos, interviews and articles designed to bring NASCAR fans a little closer to the sport they love. As they like to say, NASCAR Illustrated is "Celebrating the NASCAR Lifestyle."

In addition to the Sprint Cup coverage you would expect NASCAR Illustrated also covers the NASCAR Nationwide Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

2. NASCAR.com TrackPass with RACEVIEW

NASCAR.com features TrackPass which is a subscription service allowing NASCAR fans access to detailed stats and telemetry data, audio and animations all streamed real-time during the race.

Subscribers can listen to the in-car scanner audio from any driver in the field. Or you can choose to listen to the NASCAR officials or the live MRN radio broadcast.

The real "killer feature" for RACEVIEW is the real-time animation. Instead of video of the race NASCAR uses the telemetry, timing and scoring data being streamed from the cars on the track to recreate the race in animated form on your screen.

NASCAR fans can zero in on their favorite driver and watch their speed, RPMs, accelerator and brake pedal positions, position and time gaps from the leader and cars around them. If you want to know exactly how your favorite driver is doing no matter where they are running in the race then NASCAR TrackPass with RACEVIEW is the best solution available.

3. NASCAR Tickets

What better way to bring the glitz, glamour, colors and sounds of NASCAR to the NASCAR fans on your list then by surprising them with tickets?

You may have a race track nearby which would make an obvious choice. You could also try sending your favorite race fan to one of the biggest NASCAR races of the year. Daytona, Bristol, Charlotte and Richmond are classic NASCAR race tracks that host some of the most important races of the season. Send your race fan on a fabulous NASCAR weekend to see it all in person.

One word of warning here though. You should think about the entire experience. Will they need to take on significant travel expenses or find a place to stay? You don't want your well-intentioned gift to be a burden.

4. NASCAR Racing School

For me this is the ultimate NASCAR gift. Who wouldn't love the opportunity to jump into a real NASCAR race car and take it for a spin on a real NASCAR race track?

Options here start with the "ride along" experience where you sit in the passenger seat with a professional driver behind the wheel. These typically cost around $100.

Packages that actually put you behind the wheel typically start around $400 and run up into the thousands. More money typically buys you more laps and more instruction. The sky is the limit.

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