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Top Row Seat - Dirt Track Racing Review

Dateline: 11/30/99

Every weekend hundreds of thousands of race fans across the country head out to spend an evening at their local dirt track. These "Saturday Night" racetracks are the backbone of NASCAR racing. NASCAR was born on the dirt in Daytona and continues that tradition today with the regional Winston Racing Series.

A new racing game for your PC just hit the shelf that puts you squarely in the driver's seat at thirty different dirt tracks across the country. Dirt Track Racing from WizardWorks and RatBag Games is "the world's first authentic dirt track racing game."

The Basics

There are 18 different cars to choose from in three different classes. The Street Stocks are the entry-level class and are a lot of fun to drive. Production Stock is a souped-up Street Stock that gives you more power and better handling. Finally the Late Models are pure racing machines which can be tricky to drive and even trickier to race.

The thirty different racetracks featured include true ovals, tri-ovals, D-ovals and the very tricky Figure-8 races. Tracks run the gamut of sizes from the tight quarter-mile bullrings up to a full screaming mile.

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