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Top Row Seat - ReplayTV

Dateline: 08/02/99

Have you ever wanted to see a replay of a great pass only to be disappointed by the networks? Have you ever found out about a great NASCAR program that you wanted to watch but missed it because you were not aware that it was on? Replay Networks has developed a very cool piece of technology called ReplayTV that solves these problems for you.

ReplayTV is "a personal television product that enables consumers to control their television viewing in new, more powerful ways."

What does this mean to you? Let's say you are watching a race live on television when your driver pulls out four wide on the back stretch and makes a heroic pass going into turn three. Ned and Benny are busy talking about aerodynamics and don't mention it and don't show a replay. With normal TV you are limited to the replays that the network wants to show you, with ReplayTV you can simply hit the "replay" button and watch that great pass over again as many times as you like. You can also hit pause when the phone rings and resume right where you left off and never miss a second of action. ReplayTV lets you take control of live television so you can watch the race the way you want, when you want.

ReplayTV's other primary NASCAR fan-friendly feature is the theme-based programming. You can set up a "Replay Channel" based on a keyword. Enter in "NASCAR" and ReplayTV will automatically record every program about NASCAR for you to watch when you want. Simply, turn on the TV when you have time, choose "Replay Channel" and your NASCAR channel will be loaded with whatever NASCAR shows were on. This feature will free you from your television and put you back in control.

Have ReplayTV and want to voice your opinion? Want to know more details about how much I love my ReplayTV? Ask questions or let the world know what you think on the bulletin board.

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