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Shawna Robinson: Woman In Winston Cup
Part 1: Who is Shawna Robinson?
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"She is probably more deserving of a ride than a few men that are there now. Kurt Bush and Casey Atwood come to mind."
Ranger Rick
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Dateline: April 2, 2001

Recently Michael Kranefuss announced that he will be making his Winston Cup comeback this season with a six-race schedule. His hope is that his team can make an impression in those six races and attract a full-time sponsorship package for the 2002 Winston Cup season.

There is no doubt that his return to NASCAR is going to make an impression because he has tapped Shawna Robinson to fill the driver's seat. This means that for the first time since July of 1989 there will be a female driver in NASCAR Winston Cup racing.

She will attempt to qualify for the Winston Cup races in California, Michigan, Chicagoland, Indianapolis, Kansas and Homestead. With no owner points to fall back on she will have to race her way into the show but with engines leased from Robert Yates and an experienced car owner she should have a decent shot at making the field.

Who Is She?

Let there be no mistake, Shawna Robinson is fully qualified for a shot at Winston Cup racing. Shawna entered NASCAR in 1988 in the Dash series and that same year became the first woman ever to win a NASCAR touring series race, won the rookie of the year award and was voted most popular driver. That's quite a list of accomplishments for any driver for one season.

Robinson moved up to the Busch series in 91 and in 1994 became the first woman to ever win a Busch series pole as she found the top spot in Atlanta.

Shawna took a couple of years off from racing to pursue one of her other passions, her family, but returned to full-time racing in the ARCA series in 2000. Last year Shawna posted ten top-ten finishes on her way to a sixth place finish in the points.

Shawna Robinson is a racer who happens to be female.

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