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Top 7 NASCAR Tailgate Parties

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NASCAR races are a great place to get together with friends and fans before and after the race. Many fans choose to avoid the traffic by coming early and staying late to have a cookout and something to drink. Here are the best race tracks on the Winston Cup circuit for tailgate parties.

1) Bristol Motor Speedway (August)

Not only is the August race under the lights at Bristol Motor Speedway one of the best races on the schedule, it also hosts the best tailgate party. Fans have all day to hang out in the parking lot and get ready for the race. These are some of the friendliest race fans on earth. You may not be able to get tickets but if you do you'll never have a hard time finding a great party.

More: Official BMS Website

2) Lowes Motor Speedway (May)

These are the most hardcore NASCAR fans on the planet. If you want to get into an in-depth discussion about the sport then you need to be in Charlotte for the 600. These fans live and breathe NASCAR and with the three-day Memorial Day holiday they have extra time to party.

More: Official LMS Site

3) Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis 500 was legendary for it's tailgate party, now that tradition has been carried over to the Brickyard 400. Take the NASCAR crowd, add in the old Indy 500 crowd and you've got a recipe for some serious partying.

More: Official Brickyard 400 Site

4) Pocono Raceway

An unusual choice for anyone who has never been there. I don't know if it's the poor sightlines for the fans, unbearable traffic jams, lack of other entertainment, or what exactly causes it but Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania hosts a surprisingly rocking tailgate bash twice each year.

More: Official Pocono Site

5) Infineon Raceway

With no other NASCAR races within reasonable driving distance the fans in California's wine country make up for it by getting the most out of their races. Tailgating in Sonoma features quite a mix of race fans. You get the wine-and-cheese crowd rubbing elbows with NASCAR's traditional blue-collar set. It makes for a good time all around.

More: Official IR Site

6) Dover Downs

Where else can you see a guy dancing naked to banjo music in the middle of the night while pouring beer on himself? For the sheer strangeness of activities, Dover makes the list.

More: Official Dover Downs Site

7) Talladega Superspeedway

Deep in the heart of Alabama these NASCAR fans know how to party. When the NASCAR Winston Cup drivers make their way to the biggest track on the circuit the race fans there surround them with one of the biggest parties on the circuit. You can walk for miles and never see half of the party on any given race weekend.

More: Official Talladega Site
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