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Garmin Rino GPS-enabled Two-Way Radio

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Garmin Rino 120 and 110

The Garmin Rino 120 and 110 GPS Radios

The Garmin Rino is a two-way radio with a built-in GPS receiver. If you go to the race track with friends and family and have a hard time keeping track of everyone then these high-tech gadgets just might be the solution for you.
Ever had a problem like this?

You pull into your parking spot at the race. Two people want to go souvenir shopping, two want to go catch happy-hour practice and one needs to find a bathroom. How do you keep everybody on the same page and ensure that nobody will get lost? The Garmin Rino two-way radios with GPS will keep everybody in touch and safely oriented.

With the Garmin Rino, first thing before you leave the car you can mark a waypoint so you can find the car (or camp) when you want to get back. Then let everyone go in whatever direction they want. When a user clicks the transmit button to talk, their location is also updated on everyone elses radio. This enables you to easily know where everyone is and navigate to a meeting point.

In the circus atmosphere of a NASCAR race I found the radio to be invaluable in keeping track of family members. We each went off in our own direction but easily kept in touch and were able to keep track of where everyone was.

I even used it to say goodnight to my toddler who stayed back at camp with Grandma while I went to the race.

The GPS function is nice for marking the location of the car and when my wife found exactly the souvenir that I was looking for she called me on the radio and I was able to track directly to her with the GPS function. Cool!

This thing seems extremely tough too. It is completely waterproof so if you slop a beverage on it you haven't ruined your investment. Garmin claims that it is tough and I don't doubt it a bit. I didn't happen to drop it, but I'm confident it would have handled the abuse easily.

One small downside is that it is heaver than most other radios. The Garmin Rino weighs in at around half a pound with batteries. However clipped to the included belt clip you really don't notice it.

Overall the Garmin Rino performs exactly as advertised. Around the race track there is quite a bit of radio interference. We didn't get the full 2-mile advertised range but I was still getting a good mile or better. I had no problem understanding someone from opposite ends of Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte.

Honestly, you don't need these radios in order to enjoy a NASCAR race. However, if you were planning on buying either a two-way radio or a handheld GPS unit (or both) you should seriously consider the Garmin Rino radios.

The price difference is very small when you consider the extra functionality.

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